Taking Care of Our Nature

Greeting from Wild Bees of Florida.

We are a new company in Florida involve in all aspects regarding bees from swarm rescue to natural beekeeping as a sanctuary we only use old traditional methods from France and Eastern Europe keeping the bees happy in an environment as close to nature as posible.

We make our own version of bee hives to assimilate nature and make the bees more docile in a stress free environment.

We work all central Florida and the state in special request we also take care of wasp as well.

We also offer consulting services on Soil Management, Organic Farm Management and Homestead Design.

Soil Management

We invest in our relationship, getting to know the soil behind the ailment – history, lifestyle, food habits, everything.

Organic Farm

We’ll work together to establish a healthy growing plan that is just right for you.

Homestead Design

We’ll dive into natural design options for you, instead of immediately looking for the industrial non natural way.

If your want more information on a hive or a quote on a swarm removal, please email us or send us text at 1-(754) 251-5244